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Open Positions 


Typical Duties and Responsibilities:


Under close supervision, the employee operates light equipment and performs a variety of manual tasks under the supervision of the superintendent or others designated by the superintendent. Duties include assisting in construction and maintenance of streets, gas lines, sewer lines, and water lines; digs and fills holes; loads and unloads trucks' lay pipelines and installs and repairs manholes. Performs maintenance, cleaning, and repair of buildings; cuts grass and cleans grounds. Overall repairs, installations, and maintenance of systems. Under supervision, the employee has responsibility for operating construction equipment requiring above-average driving skills and manipulative ability. The employee may act as a crew leader if so designated by proper authority, services and makes minor repairs to equipment, trains, and instructs others in the proper use of equipment when directed. Performs manual work and other duties as assigned.




EDUCATION: No specific education required.


EXPERIENCE: On the job training in all areas as needed. Must possess valid Oklahoma driver’s license.


KNOWLEDGE: Operating characteristics of equipment, principle practices, and methods of construction. Use of hand tools.



SKILL: ABILITY: Ability to layout, plan, and supervise the work of others. Perform manual labor and operate equipment safely and efficiently in extremes of heat and cold. Wear and maintain a back brace for health and safety purposes.

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